I Don’t Know How To Sleep

In which I realize that something is missing, so I go out and I goddamned find it

Update: 2012 Is Still Happening

At the top of the year, I wrote a bit about some of the things I wanted to accomplish, improve, or just change in 2012. Since this is apparently no longer a blog about web design, let’s talk about me some more.

So This Is The New Year

I’m gonna gloss over the part where I attempt to explain or apologize for my lack of blogging and get right to it. You know.. before I don’t feel like writing any more.

Making Gmail Work For You

Let’s begin with this: I love Gmail. When it hit the streets 5 years ago it changed everything from the way I communicate to the way I store information. It is, like most things, not perfect. Fortunately, there are things we can do to inch it a bit closer to perfection. I’ve recently made some...

Putting On The Fedora

I’ve always been a fan of those colorful “business culture” turns of phrase you hear so often in conference halls and agency pitches. You know, the ones that seek to reduce complex social, fiscal and strategic concepts to snappy, often vulgar vagaries. As designers become entrepreneurs become businessmen, they’re more likely hear and use these...

iPhone + iCal + SonicLiving = Awesome

These three components combine to put a list of every concert or show that may interest you right in the palm of your iHand.