iPhone + iCal + SonicLiving = Awesome

These three components combine to put a list of every concert or show that may interest you right in the palm of your iHand.

SonicLiving.com is a great events site not too dissimilar from Yahoo’s Upcoming. It’s not quite as slick and easy to use, but it does have a few features that Upcoming is still missing, most notably, the Wishlist. This feature ingests your entire iTunes library (mine is 160GB) and keeps a list of every artist you listen to. It then creates a calendar / hCal / RSS feed of every appearance by any of those artists within a certain distance of your home. This calendar is separate from your “I’m Interested” calendar which includes only the shows you click to add.

Simply set up your account at SonicLiving, scan your iTunes library, and subscribe to the calendar feed in iCal. The next time you sync up your iPhone, you’ll have all the goods. This is all fairly obvious stuff, what’s remarkable about it is the List View on the iPhone.

This view just happens to be incredibly conducive to scanning through a bunch of upcoming shows and planning out your evenings. Also remarkable is the set-it-and-forget-it nature of event subscriptions. This thing updates itself, and is limited only by how often you sync your phone. I have honestly been going out more since I got my iPhone. I guess owe it a drink.

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